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les invasions barbares

Trouble in Paradise

"The world is an ass, and we are its farts. Each of us stinks in his own way- that is the spice of life." -Anita: Tanze des Lasters
17th century, 18th century, 19th century, abnormal psychology, absurdism, accents, akira uno, alchemy, alessandro moreschi, annette hanshaw, antiques, aphasia, art deco, art nouveau, asian antiques, balalaika, baroque opera, beijing opera, botanical gardens, brothers quay, buster keaton, cab calloway, camerata mediolanense, carnivorous plants, china, chinese art history, chinese cinema, circus acts, coleoptera, collecting leaves, costuming, current 93, dances of vice, death in june, dirt, discoveries, doors ajar, dostoevsky, east asian studies, edith piaf, edwardian, erhu, ernst lubitsch, franz schubert, ghost stories, glam rock, human oddities, igor melnikov, insects, jan svankmejer, josef von sternberg, laurel and hardy, learned helplessness, legendary pink dots, lepidoptera, looney tunes, masks, medical antiques, medical oddities, medieval music, meiji japan, melodrama, old shanghai, ondrej havelka, opera, oryx incruentus, perfume, postcards, prague, ragtime, rasputina, reading backwards, reconstructive memory, rococo, russian folk, ruth etting, samurai cinema, secret identities, silent film, silent movies, slapstick comedy, sleeping late, spontaneous recovery, stage makeup, stephen chow, strange hats, tap dancing, the deadfly ensemble, the phantom limbs, time travel, tom waits, traditional asian music, traveling, treasure hunting, turgor pressure, victorian taxidermy, vintage ephemera, vintage jazz, vladimir vysotsky, walking slowly, zbigniew preisner, zhou xuan, 周星馳